About Mike Schell


For the past 10+ years, I have advanced my career as a digital marketer, web designer & product developer with an eye for technology and flawless design. I strive to develop and achieve compelling visual communication pieces that convey messages, invoke feelings and solve problems without over complicating an already complicated world.

About Mike Schell

I am he and he is me and we are all together… Ok, while I’m not one of the Beatles,  I am a huge fan. Growing up as a musician has given me certain appreciation for the arts that I have channeled to push myself both personally and creatively.  Still searching for my Paul and avoiding my Yoko, I love creating gorgeous websites, compelling design and top ranked e-commerce sites that are as beautiful to me as hearing the White Album for the first time. On the surface I am a marketer and designer but at my core I am a beaming father, devoted husband, trustworthy friend, amateur musician and fantasy football champion. I haven’t met a challenge I couldn’t overcome and I am always looking to better myself in any way I can.

Community Outreach 

Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank, director of marketing

As Director of Marketing for Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank, I have the privilege of developing and maintaining the brand identity, website and all marketing collateral for an exciting non-profit. Creating a non-profit from the ground up presented many interesting objectives and needs that required unique solutions. Click here to learn more about overcoming these issues and the development of Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank.


I got involved with Bootcamp for New Dads during the birth of my own son. The class is set up so veteran Dads (previous attendees) come back with their child and show the rookie dads the ropes. I act as the facilitator, keeping the conversation on track, managing time and expectations while empowering fathers to be active, present parents.