Marketing Solutions

Throughout my career I have developed many strategic, creative and profitable marketing solutions, all designed to solve a problem. I have found that identifying potential problem areas while focusing on the overall goal is one of my biggest strengths which allowed me to craft each unique resolution. Below are examples I have faced through out my career that outline the solution from start to finish. Understanding and solving these problems has equipped me with the knowledge and confidence I need to solve any issue that comes my way.


  1. Create a compelling brand that linked our goal with the local community
  2. Make working with us quick and easy
  3. Create and maintain a strong local and online presence to empower local businesses and volunteers to commit to our cause

The Kirby Company

  1. Increase online after market sales for a business that has sold door-to-door since 1914.
  2. Communicate and educate a customer base through technology that is not tech savvy.
  3. Make information on past and current products readily available without over confusion.

Scot Laboratories

  1. Create a level price structure for wholesalers, distributors and customers without impeding growth.
  2. Increase brand awareness for a diminished yet powerful brand within a specific industry.

Olivers Desserts

  1. Launch an e-commerce site to take pressure off phone and Facebook orders without requiring much knowledge of technology and e-commerce.