Below are a list of professional references from co-workers and management that speak to my skills and passion for a job well done. All references below can be contacted as needed for further information.

Mike Schell is a highly competent individual whose talents include graphic design, web development, and marketing. Equally important, he is a pleasure to work with. He focuses on the important issues without losing track of the details necessary for successful execution of the concept. His graphic designs have a clean look to them complementing the message in delivering the overall concept. The optimization of search engine results are obtained in harmony with the product/service visual presentation.

Herb Schreiber, Technical Director
Scot Laboratories

It’s Mike’s attention to detail that sets him apart from the crowd.  Despite that, he never loses sight of the big picture.  He has the ability to understand why a label, a product, a website should look a specific way and then make it happen.  He is a welcome addition to any project and is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.  I have observed his interactions with both vendors and customers, and there is no one better at communicating your requirements.

Nandini Vembar, Manager of Quality and Regulatory Compliance
Scot Laboratories

Mike is a talented designer and marketer. He has an innate ability to take in your ideas and transform them into a functional, working design or marketing campaign utilizing the newest technology and trends. He is also an excellent communicator which allows him to flourish in any setting.

David Bruce, Owner
Crazy Mullets Salon

Working with Mike Schell has been nothing short of amazing. We can honestly say that Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank would not exist without him. He has a knack for seeing the potential for greatness in small or new ideas and infusing energy, vision and encouragement into his clients to help them realize their dreams…


I have worked with Mike Schell on many projects and was very pleased with his skills and knowledge. His wealth of information in marketing and business development has been an invaluable asset to both myself and my clients. Mike’s integrity and ability to present data and information to clients is paramount. In an industry that requires customer input in areas they are unfamiliar with, his straightforward honest approach to critical thinking and problem solving has been key to my success.For the reasons listed above and many that I have not listed, I would highly recommend Mike for any marketing, web development or design job that values hard work, dedication, honesty, and extreme attention to detail.


I may be an expert in all things baking, but to say I’m behind the times with technology is an understatement.  As my business grew, I became overwhelmed with keeping all my orders organized, answering questions, and keeping quick contact with all my customers.  I knew I needed a web presence but had no idea where to start.

A friend of mine suggested Mike, and the rest is history.  I provided Mike with some general ideas about what I wanted the site to do for me, and how I wanted it to look and he ran with it; making it better than I ever imagined.  If I ever had questions (and I often did) he was quick to respond and did a great job of making me feel like there was never a stupid question.

I constantly get compliments about my site: the flow and ease of use, and how professional it looks.  I’m more than happy with all the features Mike was able to build in for me.  He set and met deadlines for getting the site built, and took a genuine interest in my business and how I wanted everything to look.  He has knowledge on what consumers look for, colors/designs that work best, how to boost your presence on search engines etc.  He also took time to teach me how to keep things updated and running myself once the site went live.

I really can’t recommend Mike’s work enough.  His laid back personality is able to put you at ease during any stressful times, and his hard working nature doesn’t just get the job done, but does so with speed and professionalism.  I have no doubt my business would be where it is if I didn’t have Mike build my website.

ashley rapp